How to apply for Private Medical Assistance -
All requests need to complete a Specialist Medical Resources Foundation Application Form. Your form will be submitted to the SMRF board for consideration. You must fill out one form per request (if you are applying for more than one item). In order for your form to be considered please ensure you submit, with the application form, the following for each request;
  1. A JPEG image of what you are requesting attached to your submission
  2. A current quote inclusive of GST and freight cost. Please outline exact specifications of equipment requested. Quotes must be based on one unit price, not bulk purchases.
  3. Where possible, provide 2 quotes inclusive of GST and freight
  4. A dated, formal letter of request from your Specialist Medical provider outlining your need for this equipment. Please note that we DO NOT require private or detailed information on your illness or medical situation. Just confirmation that you are seeing a Specialist, who will supervise use of this equipment, and that your medical circumstance requires such equipment. However, the more information you choose to provide us may assist the Board with their decision.
  5. Contact information for your Specialist, all requests will be followed up through your medical facilitator before they will be submitted to the Board for consideration. If we cannot contact your Specialist directly, unfortunately your request cannot be submitted. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure your medical provider is aware of your application and that contact must be made.
  6. In order to substantiate a claim, the Specialist Medical Resources Foundation reserves the right to request more information, including financial and personal. Failure to provide additional information directly related to your application, as requested by the Board may result in your application being ineligible for submission. Please note, additional information is only requested to ensure that all charity money is being provided to those in need.
The Approval Process -
All applications are checked to ensure all fields and attachments (quotes and JPEG images) are completed in full before being submitted to the Board for review. Forms that are incomplete will not be submitted. A SMRF staff member will contact you if this is the case, you may collect your form from the SMRF office and complete any missed criteria.
An informal interview for Private Medical Assistance Funding will take place prior to your application being submitted to the Board. A staff member will contact you to arrange a time for the interview to take place. The informal meeting is designed to assess your individual situation to allow the Board a better understanding of your circumstances to ensure we assist you in every way possible. Your interviewer will also provide the Board with a request form for assistance specific to your needs.
The Boards role is to asses, evaluate and priorities all requests against the Specialist Medical Resources Foundations guidelines.

If Approved, the Next Steps –
The applicant will be informed via phone call or email about their request being approved or declined.
If your grant application was successful, your request will be granted with funding already available. Applicants who are to receive immediate funding will be contacted via telephone to organise the next step; purchase and delivery. 
Once the equipment has been purchased, a plaque will affixed, or the equivalent, to the item and the item will then be delivered.
Once the item has been passed into your care, SMRF are no longer responsible for it’s maintenance or how the individual uses the equipment.

Thank you for your interest in the Specialist Medical Resources Foundation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Application for a Medical Assistance Grant

Your application for a Medical Assistance Grant through the Specialist Medical Resources Foundation can be done through completing either the Application for Financial Assistance form and emailing it to or the Application for a Medical Assistance Grant Online Form. 

Application for a Medical Assistance Grant

Application for a Medical Assistance Grant Application Form

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Application for a Medical Assistance Grant Online Form